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These particulate respirators conform to EN149:2001 providing protection against high toxic harmful materials in concentrations up to 50xOEL or 20xAPF.









Aerotoxic Syndrome Permanently Incapacitated Me As A British Airways Director | HoneyColony

Aerotoxic syndrome affects flight crews every day and not much is being done about it. Read one flight attendants story and what she is doing to help.




danger toxic fumes

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Discover How Far Infrared Treatment Can Help Pilots, Cabin Crew, and Passengers to Detoxify and Restore Good Health
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Airlines Toxic Secret Crew Members Are Dying To Tell You



Question asked in House of Lords
Baroness Trumpington, who supports the work of this website, asked in the House of Lords on 14th July 2008,

"Will the Government take urgent action to require internationally that all aircraft must be fitted with filters before being passed for service?"




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BA safety chief reveals cabin fumes have ability to 'incapacitate' flyers - November 2016

A BRITISH Airways boss has admitted passengers and crew can be hurt by toxic fumes on flights. And the airline has been criticised for failing to offer protection to travellers.

Read the story at the Sun's website